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2016-2017 Denton High School Golf Tryouts

Tryouts for the Denton Bronco Golf Team are held near the end of each school year for the upcoming fall season. This allows DHS counselors to place students in the proper classes for the upcoming school year and to allow the future Bronco golfers the opportunity to practice over the summer. Preparation for the upcoming school year and golf season includes putting time and money into equipment, lessons and practicing in several of the area junior tours (TJGT, NTPGA, etc.) **Let us know if you are interested in private lessons.

The 2016-2017 tryouts will be held May 18th – 19th from 4:30-6:30 p.m. in the state of the art DHS golf facility located behind the baseball field and portables on Crescent street. There is a garage door at the end of the teacher parking lot that will be open and that is where the golf facility is. We have an indoor putting green, 2 hitting stalls, and a simulator as well as an outdoor short range and full size net to hit into. Attendance is required on 1 of the two days if you are planning on playing golf at Denton High School. If you are unable to make one of these days, please contact us so that we may find a time to talk to you There is no cost and dress is casual for tryouts. If you have your own golf clubs, please bring them. If you do not have clubs yet, we have some in the golf room that you may borrow until you get your own. Each individual trying out will take approximately 15-20 minutes to evaluate.

One should contact Head Coach Mick Maxey at 817-480-1450, or Assistant Coach Lisa Asplund at 940-735-1856 for any additional information. We plan on keeping 12-14 boys and 12-14 girls, depending on experience and skill level. Freshman or J.V. players will be practicing during 1st block and 2nd block, Varsity players will be 5th block and after school. Freshman may play Varsity if their skill level is advanced enough.

**The coaching staff at DHS encourages student athletes to get involved! Busy kids are happy productive kids and the DHS Golf program is one of the many choices athletes at DHS can make. Just always keep in mind the more successful a student is at any sport is determined by the amount of commitment and practice time put in. Please feel free to check out the DHS golf website and thank you for your interest in the Denton High School Golf Program!

Thank you,

Head Coach – Mick Maxey
Assistant Coach – Lisa Asplund